Lech Lecha (5774)

Drash Cards for Lech Lecha (5774)

by Marc Mangel

• Consider this situation: a formerly observant person has dropped out (make the descent as big as you like) and now needs help. What do we do?

• The answer is why the story of Lot is in the Torah. In Ch 12, v 5: Abram takes Sarai, Lot and other (believers). But in Ch 13, v 1: Abram takes Sarai, all that he had, and Lot.

• Leaving Haran, Lot is integral.  Leaving Egypt, there are two separate families –> they could not dwell together (Ch 13, v 6-8)

• The Midrash is that the conflict between Abram’s world view and one who wished to be part of it but did not really fully share the principles: Lot instructed his shepherds to steal and that was the breaking  point

• Lot goes to Sedom (Ch 13, 10-13) and we know happens. He is rescued twice (Ch 14, v 12ff

• But then what happens?  Abram saves him.  Why? Because of the spark of holiness in Lot.

• What about our situation? We should be like Abraham. And that will be hard!!

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