Terumah (5766)

Drash Cards for Terumah (5766)

by Marc Mangel

• Later in the Torah we encounter Acherei Mot/Kedoshim/Emor  ~ after death only say holy things but in Shmot we have Yitro/Mishpatim/Terumah

• These three can be interpreted as Inspiration and Action/Free loans/How much to give

• How much to give: Ch 25, v 2: ‘every man whose heart will motivate him’ about which Rav Solevetchik said that we must have faith in Klal Israel.

• Beginning with Ch25, v8 we have lots of details.  The Rebbe said that we should read this verse as “I will dwell inside them”

• Our purpose is not just to serve as a receptacle for holiness but to make our material pursuits holy

• How do we do that? The rest of the parsha tells us: it is all in the details of how we lead our lives in this world, interact with people and respond to situations.