Vayeilech (5776)

Drash Cards for Vayeilech (5776)

By Marc Mangel

  • Want to be ready for Teshuvah next year: volunteer to give a drash in mid-Elul, on RH day 1 or 2, and then Shabbat Shuvah. All you will do for 2-3 weeks is think about Teshuvah.
  • Reb Zusya (who the heavenly court will not ask ‘Why were you not like Moses’ but will ask ‘Why were you not like Zusya’) gave an acronym for Teshuva

Tamim – Be sincere with your God

Shiviti – I have set God before me always

UV’ahavata – Love your fellow as yourself

V’chol –In all your ways know him

Hatznei’a – Walk discreetly with your God


  • Here are 7 epigrams about Teshuvah, each based on a different aliyah from this morning
  • 1) Use Teshuvah to increase the fullness and productivity of your life — recognizing that it must be your style of fullness and productivity – not somebody else’s definition (Proof text: Ch 31, v 1-3)
  • 2) Teshuvah is not easy — it requires strength and courage (Proof text: Ch 31, v 6)
  • 3) Do not get stuck living in the past — we all can change (Proof text: Ch 31, v 7)
  • 4) Sometimes we need help with Teshuvah – when this is true assemble the team that you need to help you achieve your goals (Proof text: Ch 31, v 12)
  • 5) Teshuvah requires that we do not rationalize our faults, but take responsibility for them (Proof text: Ch 31, v17-18)
  • 6) There is no such thing as effortless Teshuvah (Proof text, ch 31, v 20-21)
  • 7) Even after having done Teshuvah, it is easy to fall back into old ways (Ch 31, v 27, 29)



Strength and courage

Look forward not backwards

Count on others when needed

No excuses

Put in effort

Be careful of sliding back