Eighteen Years

18 Years

by Marc Mangel


18 years we’ve been together

Most of it you’ve been my wife

Through all kinds of weather

18 years — the sign of life

You’ve had our children

You’ve given me courage in times of strife

18 years is truly long and what’s more

another 18 will be 2004

Who could have guessed, who could have known

that over 18 we would have grown

and be so happy with what we’ve sown

Is life mirage or is it triage?

Are we here to drink some beer or love someone dear?

18 years– we’ve lived through a war

we’ve lived through some pain

but all told I’d do it again

so let’s go for 18 more

August 1986


Context:  Well, I really don’t know.  Our wedding anniversary is October, but around that time in 1986, I went to London

to begin working on Antarctic krill (see my professional web page) at the invitation of my long-time friend John Beddington.  And krill have been very, very good to me.

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