Shabbat, January 1973 (1973)

Shabbat, January 1973

by Marc Mangel


Softly. Softly the clouds winkle their way

down under. From somewhere above

they come and envelope us. Without pain or trouble.

So that soon our minds float

in the

clound that lie upon the

hills and

touch the tops everywhere


Above another layer. Fierce and succulent

the two battle

David and Goliath

for the spot

numero uno.


The soft clouds are friends.

Quiet and loyal friends

for those

of us who need

some water for the

Pretty shortly ocherous and cold

yet warm the sun

will plunge into that very warm

and the light will die


As the light dims

the air sweetness


the air from heaven

a gift from



And slowly floats in the Shabbat

quietly Shabbat comes


full of majesty

and coolness


heat is unbearable


Shabbat can so often bend your

mind into happiness

and show what is there

if only given a chance


January 1973

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