Vetchanan (5764)

Drash Cards for Vetchanan (5764)

by Marc Mangel

• Today, I want to first discuss Ch3, v 25-28 — Moses’s plea to enter the land. God says no. Joshua will lead.

• From this, we learn that every generation needs its own leaders.

• Next, I want to check Ch 4, v1:  why is it written “El HaChuchkim” rather than “Et”?  One interpretation is that the change from “Et” to “El” is the change from mental to physical — this is not in our brains, it is in our actions

• What is the difference between Halacha — a path — and Chukim — the laws?  Being on the path is what is most important.

• Finally, I want to consider Ch 4, v9: make them known to your children and your children’s children.  The message here is that strength comes from multigenerational learning.

• The three messages of today’s parsha: every generation needs its own leaders; what matters is our actions; and strength comes from multigenerational learning