VaYeishev (5761)

Drash Cards for VaYeishev (5771)

by Marc Mangel


• Rosally Satlzman in A PORTION OF KINDNESS notes that this the story of “chesed gone wrong”

• A father’s love for his son leads to overwhelming hatred and exile.  “A man” helps a lost boy and it leads to captivity.  Two brothers try to save the younger brother and that leads to slavery and a mourning father.

• Our actions reverberate in history and we usually do not see the end results of them

• But our acts of chesed improve us (through self control, generosity, etc) as much as the world

• Chesed involves 2 people: we can give somebody directions, as the man gave Joseph, but cannot guarantee that they’ll be followed — only that we tried.

• In Ch 39, v 21 God gives Joseph the chesed of surviving in prison — and think of what Joseph does

• And our practical lesson: When we make people appear favorable in the eyes of others (sometimes who are very demanding) we are doing great chesed

• Speaking good of others, especially in front of their superiors, is one of the easiest cheseds we can do.

• So this week, let’s be sure to shine the spotlight on others.

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