Acherei Mot/Shabbat HaGaDol (5771)

Drash Cards for Acherei Mot/Shabbat HaGadol (5771)


• Today, 2 drashot in the time of 1

• Drash #1, from Shlomo some years ago:  We read the titles of the next four portions as a sentence “Acherei Mot Kedoshim Emor” — after death, only say holy words

• Drash #2:  Jewish spirituality flows from memory. That’s why everyone of us must go out of Egypt, personal and spiritual.

• The Rebbe wrote “One of the most significant lessons of Pesach is that every Jew has the capacity to transform in a short time from one extreme to the other”

• He goes on to write that no matter where we stand — as individuals or community — the call comes every day to remember the liberation and to strive to become a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.

• As we go into Pesach, remember that there is no room for hopelessness in Jewish life and no Jew should ever be given up as a lost cause. This holiday is our opportunity to change — and we should seize it

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