A Birthday Poem (28 January 1988)

A Birthday Poem

To JB on 28 Jan 88 from Dad


13 yrs, 13 yrs

Suddenly brought together

We’ve done it now

Done it and it couldn’t be better

Let’s hit the sky

and not come down

to feel the ground


I still recall your day when one

With finger raised over

fiery cake

And warning “hot” — the world you knew

With your hand ashake


Just the other day you spoke

Of our bad luck with kites

on windless days and frothy nights

We laughed over Flying Tiger

Captured by that old oak tree

Snarled there forever


When you were born and

still so young

Your Mom and I doubted so

thast we could do

the job that had to be done

Yet here you stand so

bright and tall

with strength and grace

shine in your eyes

and smile on your face

All these tell me that the job’s been done

and how it’s been such good fun!

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