VaYakhel/Pekudei (5764)

Drash Cards for VaYakhel/Pekudei (5764)

by Marc Mangel

• Today I want to discuss holiness — God wants us to behave in a holy way, which is why we were liberated.

• How do we as people make a thing holy (Ch 40, v 9)?

• Holiness is contagious (but I don’t know why): Ch 29, v 37; Ch 30, v 29; Ch 40, v 9ff

• Chapter 40, v 1ff: Why command Moses to sanctify the tabernacle, which should already be distinct and holy?

• For others to see:  God expects us to do our share in making the world, and things within it, holy

• Here’s why:  Kedusha does not count for a lot without human involvement  — the Jewish idea of holiness and sanctity is not other worldly or separated from human action.