Shabbat Shuva (5774)

Drash Cards for Shabbat Shuvah (5774)

by Marc Mangel

• Today: the acronym of R. Meshwlam Zusya of Aniponli for Teshuvah.

• Tof is for Tamim — be always/sincere with God  (from Devarim)

• Shin is for Shviti — I have set God before me always (from Tehillim)

• Vav is for V’ahavta — Love your fellow as yourself (from Vayikra)

• Bet is for “In” — In all your ways know God  (from Mishlei)

• Hey is for Hatzneila — Walk discreetly with your God (from Micha)

• Make it a cheer and shout it from the roof tops

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