VaYeilich (5760)

Drash Cards for VaYeilich (5760)

by Marc Mangel

• This parsha is read either on Shabbat Shuvah or the week before Rosh HaShannah (in which case it is read with Nitzavim).

• In it, Moses announces his retirement, writes the Torah and gives it to the priests, and puts Joshua in charge. God then tells Moses what will happen (Ch 31, v 16-22) because the Israelites are not ready

• Why does God let them cross the Jordan if they are not ready?

• Here is a 2 sentence drash.

• 1.  You can wander in the desert for 40 years and still not be ready to enter the promised land.

• 2  We cannot wait until we are ‘ready’ to do Teshuvah because we will never be; rather we need to start now, regardless of our readiness.

• And here’s the practical tip: Have the wisdom to change your life from where you are.  Don’t find any reason to wait.