Shabbat Shuvah (5759)

Drash Cards for Shabbat Shuvah (5759)

by Marc Mangel

• This is called so because of the Haftorah, Shuvah.  Today I want to talk about the nature of repentance.

• Judaism is an active religion.  Halacha has the same route as walking.

• Steinsaltz notes that Teshuvah, the Hebrew word for repentance, is generally accepted as return.

• The keystone of Teshuvah is “A life long journey back to unflagging soul-searching…it is a spiritual disquiet, much more than a guilty feeling that makes us feel the urge to look back”

• “We are not longer the right person in the right place. That is why we decide to TURN AROUND AND GO BACK.

• Naturally, the itinerary of the way back will depend on the person and the uniqueness of a personality logically ensure that each of us will follow his or her own personal route.  Fortunately, the Gates of Heaven are numerous”

• As long as we really want to go through, there is a gate for us!