On the Death of JRB (Julius R Blum)

On the Death of JRB

by Marc Mangel


Death takes from us in a sudden and sharp way

and leaves a gap in our spirits

that is hard to describe

but the lack of feeling is there


Life gives to us laughter and joy

a knowledge that somewhere

this man who so loves life

is enjoying it

fulfilling it

even if we do not meet often


Death has taken this man

and moved his spirit elsewhere

Our souls feel another


some of our depth is gone

and can never be replaced


Life and Death

Death and Life

these are the ways of

man and all creatures

So we must bear up


though we feel the emptiness

seek a new


in this world


14 April 1982

[Julius Blum was hired as the Chair of the Statistics Department at UC Davis in the late 1970s and was one of my

mentors when I first arrived there. He died of a heart attack.]

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