Two City Poems (2015)

Two City Poems 

by Marc Mangel


The setting sun dips

The buildings of Knoxville are

afire in reflected light


They are autumn leaves

of unnatural colors

A purple never seen

and not imagined (that’s hard – to imagine a new color)

A yellow not from our sun

Too many kinds of reds


Darkness comes…

Lines recede and disappear

Only light remains



The buildings of New York rise as

mountains around Central Park

Catching light, throwing it back

And each time I think that I’m there

Comes another bend in the path — I am not


But it is crisp fall day

Leaves still on trees threatening

to drop

more horses drawing lovers

swaddled to see the park

than cars (except for cabs)


I hike this mountain/city plateau

from northeast to southwest

amazed at the beauty that comes from

man and nature together


Nov 2013-Apr 2015

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