Epigrams for Teshuvah based on Vayeilich

Seven Epigram on Teshuvah, Based on Valeilech

 by Marc Mangel

1) Use Teshuvah to increase the fullness and productivity of your life — recognizing that it must be your style of fullness and productivity – not somebody else’s definition

2) Teshuvah is not easy — it requires strength and courage

3) Do not get stuck living in the past — we all can change

4) Sometimes we need help with Teshuvah – when this is true assemble the team that you need to help you achieve your goals

5) Teshuvah requires that we do not rationalize our faults, but take responsibility for them

6) There is no such thing as effortless Teshuvah

7) Even after having done Teshuvah, it is easy to fall back into old ways