Tonight We Buried the Doby Gillis Generation (1973)

Tonight We Buried the Doby Gillis Generation

by Marc Mangel


Tonite we buried the Doby Gillis generation

and all alone we were

without so large an acolade as a box of Coco crispie

spilled on hard cement to crunch as the

precession trudged

and burried did we do

under a gof of tear from parents long

since removed but still still hoping to


that dearness lost so slowly

or too quickly affected to be hastened

For the Doby Gillis generation

though we all once get around

has died

Like the first and the final


which died in the garden it too died in vast

gardens and foliages far from the Garden

but close to it.

But it also died in steel and glass and

smell of vomit

sweat offices closer to the home

and it also died in the dear place of Doby

himself as if

choked to death by the ivy and

simultaneously kicked in the groin the

army boots of MAYNARD G.

left hanging and left lied to and left died was

the Doby Gillis generation

indeed so died the Beaver in another

sawmp of the fruit called lead

has died all alone

but are we to blame that in

the world the real may sometimes overcome

that which should be

and McCartney spilled his bowl of cherries

the tree was dead a long time agao

we buried it

among the billion of miles of cellulose tape

more miles than there are galaxies in


and for each mile so so much was lied

to keep the joys of innocence

tonite we buried the first


of the celluloid generation which

rose to overcome challenges that

never were


January 1973

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