Ki Tavo (5761)

Drash Cards for Ki Tavo (5761)

by Marc Mangel

• I want to begin wit Ch 26, v 15: “to our ancestors”.  The Mishna (ca 200) says that a convert cannot say this,.

• Maimonides, in the Mishne Torah about 1000 yrs later, says yes they can and the Jerusalem Talmud supports it. Ineed, Abraham himself is a convert.

• In Ch 27, v 9, we are told to keep the commandments by walking in God’s way, not obeying God’s law.  There is an important point here: Being on the path is important, wherever you are. Wanting to be on the path but not does not count.

• Difference between Orthodox and Orthoprax and the oxymoron of “Nonpracticing Orthodox”

• Next, in Ch 27, v 14ff: the Levites call to each person, but the entire people answer.  In addition to being on the path, we are responsible for each other