The Sea (1973)

The Sea

by Marc Mangel

What was it like for them at the sea

frothing and boiling and running bloodlike

onto white beaches

the sea

would churn them into death as once

they were slowly ground

into death


What did they think

To go back

to return

to the slow death or to plunge into

cold blackness

redness that lay before them

a quick death


Did they have faith

or falter

move back or believe strongly


And when the waters of the sea


and ripped apart

two hands tugging them

did their hearts fail

Was it real or unreal?

Did they cringe in pain of fear

or dance with joy of what was to be

as the waters split

a chasm of earth and floor

slowly dried

a first foot walked through


To see that muzzen bunch

of slaves worn

tattered like their raqgs


broken spirits

yet rising up by the sea

The sea that split

like a chasm from the hand of




Pessach 1973

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