Bon Voyage (1973)

Bon Voyage 

by Marc Mangel

I have a friend who

is going away

and this is indeed a farewell song

But not a sad one

rather a happy prelude to reunions

this is a joyous song


He is a good man, my friend

somewhat immature, but then

maturity is not a spear to be thrust

but a stalgamite to be grown

and each drop falls slower than

the preceding one

yet firm after calcification

yes my friend will grow


He is strong, my friend

he is numbered among those

whose strength searches for the

truth and the search for the


is the final goal

the rebirth of man


He is gentle, my friend

heat warm and soft to people

for he is people and people

are he

warm enough and strong enough

to help the world


What if there be no reunion

no meeting of time and space

there will be reunion

of scrapbook memories

which like fine wine

can only become better

with time


May 1973

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