Metzora 5774 (2014)

Drash Cards for Metzora 5774

by Marc Mangel

• We are 29 weeks since last Yom Kippur; 26 weeks to next YK

• Metzora comes as perfect reminder that we are 1/2 way through our program of self-improvement started last YK. Two messages

• The message of Ch 14, v 1-20:  It is a multistep plan and requires specific sacrifices.

• The message for us. Do not say “Tomorrow, I will be XX”. Rather say “Tomorrow, I will start a procedure that will be me where I want to be as a better person”
• Second message in Ch 14, v 21-32: “If a person is poor and cannot afford sacrifices” — not released from the obligations, but given a discount.
• For example fowl instead of lambs; and if one cannot afford turtledoves then pigeons are okay. 1/10 of an ephah of flower instead of 3/10
• Message for us: “I dont have time”; “I cannot afford” etc are lame.
•Determine what you can do and do it. For example, don’t have time to daven 3x per day, do shachrit. Don’t have time for shachrit, put on tefillin. Don’t have time for tefillin, say “Modeh ani” on wakng.  Don’t have time for “Modeh ani”, rethink your life!
• Not a morning person? Say the bedtime shma.  Can’t afford an atheletic club membership to help you get into shape? The outside is free.
• The message of metzora is very powerful for us today.

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