Trumah (5761)

Drash Cards for Trumah (5761)

by Marc Mangel

• The summary of this parsha is this: God is in the details — we should read the parsha out loud as instructions

• The parsha also has the first fundraising campaign in which everyone should give “as his heart moves him” (Ch 25, v2).

• Rav Solevetichik said that Jew must have “Emuna B’kansheet Yisrael”  — from God’s redemption to building the Holy temple we must believe in ourselves

• The Mishkan details begin in Ch 26, v 15.  In Ch 26, v28 we have the description of three 3 bars, the middle of which is continuous providing end to end support.

• Targum Yochanan says that the bar came from Abraham’s tent: the middle bar holds it together in the same way that chased (identified with Abraham) is the middle run between Torah and Avodah

• We must energize our efforts on behalf of others, constantly and consistently, and make the world a dwelling place for God on a foundation of chesed.