HaAzinu (ca 5762)

Drash Cards for HaAzinu (ca 5762)

by Marc Mangel

• This looks like something from Babylon — who wrote it and what is the writer trying to say?

• Certainly that Moses was the greatest prophet.

• In Ch 32, v 6 the “Hey” is enlarged. How would you repay God? This generation or a future one?

• In the very next verse we are told Zachor (remember) and Binah (understand) — but we have lost that understanding.

• Hirsch says that Ch 32, v15 is the first time that Israel is referred to as Yeshurun, which has Yashar as the route — a healthy body for a healthy spirit

• And Ch 32, v51 reminds us of the importance of historical events in the Bible (as they are in evolution)