Mishpatim (5765)

Drash Cards for Mishpatim (5765)

by Marc Mangel

• Maimonides says that there are 54 commandments in here. Many are concerned with ethical laws.

• God brought the Israelites out of Egypt to worship him — so why all these ethical laws?

• We need to go back to Bereshit  Ch 18, v 19 [read from Chumash] and Rashi’s comment on it [ ditto]

• Now from Ch 22, v 24 [read] we have the mitzvah of free loans (Rambam)

• Hirsch says that the Torah says that the creditor must hide from the borrower.

• A friend of Jenni’s who was getting married asked a Hasid what is most important and got the response “Give as much Tzedaka as possible”

• Tomorrow each of us should send a check or make an online donation to the Hebrew Free Loan Association with a note Mishpatim’

• Even etter: send an email to 2 Jewish friends, one in SC and one who is not with the subject line “Kol Tefillah Mishpatim Massacree”

• It would be a movement  starting right here from parsha Mishpatim