Tazria (5766)

Drash Cards for Tazria (5766)

by Marc Mangel

• By the usual rules for naming a parsha, we should called this “Eesha” not “Tazria”, which the Rebbe said we should read as ‘delivered’

• Rashi notes that R. Simlai noted we can rearrange the letters of Tazria to Zechut — merit

• We have two kinds of merit: that which is inherited (our soul) and that which is acquired through our behavior.

• The Alter Rebbe said that man is lower than all creatures because we can sin

• When humans are created, we only have inherited merit, but the ability to sin gives us the potential for great achievement and merit that can be acquired?

• How do we acquire merit? Through good deeds in this world.

• R. Simcha Zissel of Chelm said “A person who is bitter and depressed in this world ought to worry about the world to come. ”

• The truly righteous enjoy every moment in this world since it is here that we acquire merit

• R. Solevetchik said that there are two traditions needed for merit:  formal compliance with the law and living experience; without the latter, the former is empty