Bechukotai (5763)

Dash Cards for Bechukotai (5763)

by Marc Mangel

• This is the second half of the last chapter of VaYikra — the end of the holiness code, an epilogue, and closes with funding.  It is the only part of VaYirka that is not religious law or description of ritual.

•It’s structure is 11 verses of blessings,  30 verses of admonitions/warnings, and 34 verses of concluding material.

• The blessings: Ch 26, v 4-5: fruitfulness of the land, v6: peace, 7-8: victory over external enemies; 9-10: providence of God for the people and economic prosperity; 11-12: dwelling of the Divine Presence in the land.

• Otherwise: there are no boundaries to God’s goodness.

• The admonitions have three parts and then a conclusion.

• First, very specific about the severity of God’s judgment.  Second, points about superstitions (leaven in the synagogue, why we read in a low tone).  About the third part, the Chofetz Chaim said regarding a person on a dangerous path “Don’t wear a blindfold”. The Torah is there to help us.

• The conclusion, Ch 46, v 44-45: God will not forsake us.

• This is a warning and a plea: use your free will properly!