BeShallach (5761)

Drash Cards for BeShallach (5761)

by Marc Mangel

• Why did the Israelites leave Egypt?

• Ch 9, v13: To serve God, which is later (Ch 15, v 25) described as an established Chok. These include Shabbatot, the Red Heifer, and the treatment of monetary claims

• Rambam says that regulation was needed for the society living in the desert.

• Reb Bachya that Moshe taught the science of herbs, sometimes like Chokim (defying reason) and sometimes like Mishpatim (understandable logic)

• But then the Israelites immediately get manna. All the commentators say that manna is about how to live with the proper outlook.  Regarding that: which is the greater test: wealth or poverty?

• Wealth can lead to arrogance

• Poverty can lead to the destruction of individuality.

• Rambam also said that The Torah was given only to those who ate manna, which implies that individuals who study Torah must be freed of the burdens of earning a living.

• Alternatively, Ma’Asei HaShem says that the Torah was given only to those who are satisfied with what they have.

• After manna we have the battle with Amalek (Ch 17, v8) and see Joshua’s gift of leadership.

• Putting these together, we learn that before you can serve god 1) the people must have food and 2) they may have to fight evil.