Tetzaveh (5763)

Drash Cards for Tetzaveh (5763)

by Marc Mangel

• I begin with a factoid:  this is the only parsha since Moshe’s birth in which he is not mentioned (why this is so is the subject of a different drash).

• One of the messages from this parsha is that the clothes make the man, or at least make the priest.

• Rav Soltoveitchik said that the tzitz corresponds to intent and Chosen to love, commitment, and devotion to Klal Israel.

• He goes onto say that the great leaders of each generation combine the tzitz and the Chosen: great intellectual knowledge of the Torah and a heart of love and devotion to the people of Israel.

• “He had clappers on his feet”. Rav Bulka says that this was so that he was reminded at every step of his responsibility to himself and others.

• This is the perfect prescription for any leader, any time, anywhere: knowledge, care of those lead, and care where one steps.