Tetzaveh (about 5765)

Drash Cards for Tetzaveh (about 5765)

by Marc Mangel

• We have three portions: Trumah (about the Ark)/Tetzaveh (about Priests and their Clothes)/Ki Tissa (the Golden Calf)

• This is why the Israelites took all the stuff from the Egyptians when they left

• In Ch 28, v1: Aaron and his sons are told to come closer, and Nadav and Avihu did but die.  This represents the transition from a personal to a public religion

• We have 40 verses describing the Priestly clothing.  Nachmanides says that the clothing helps make the person (why we wear white or a kittel on Yom Kippur)

• Sefer HaChinuch, from the 14th century, is even stronger: there is an auto-suggestive impact with how the Priests dress, but all commentators agree to mystical and symbolic meaning of these verses.

• The Chosen, the breastplate, has the names of the 12 tribes on it — “The 12 tribes are on the shoulders of Aaron”  — he was not carried on their shoulders but they on his.

• But note this in Ch 28, v34/35:  Bells on his robe. Why?  So he can be heard when he enters and leaves the sanctuaries — these are the auditory version of the tzitzit.

• Hearing the sounds of his footsteps reminded the priest of his role, which is responsibility to others.