Chaye Sarah (5765)

Drash Cards for Chaye Sarah (5765)

by Marc Mangel

• Let’s read Ch 24, v1 without “Bo B’yamim” and then with it. What do we learn from these words?

• They were used once before in Ch 18, v 11 meaning ‘well on in years’  — i.e. old.

• In Ch 24, v 1 they mean ‘really old’, i.e. that Abraham might die before the return of Elazar

• R. Avraham of Slonim said that some people let the day priced them; others preced the day.  For the former, only at the end of the day does the person realize that something is needed for spiritual growth.  The latter worries about tomorrow.

• Abraham was neither.  He came exactly with the day and his firm faith allowed him not to worry about the next day.  We might call this mindfulness — with its origins in the Torah.

• Chidushei HaRim has a different view:  each day has its unique challenges and goals — today and only today can we seize spiritual opportunities.

• Abraham both lived the big picture and made good use of every single day and its unique goal

• Maayanah Shel Torah said that Abraham accomplished something each and every day.

• At the start of each day we should ask “What can I accomplish today?” and at the end of the day “What have I accomplished this day?”

• If the answer is weak, Zelig Plishkin says do one small thing: study some Toray, give to Tzedaka, or make a list of goals .