VaYashev (5765)

Drash Cards for VaYashev (5765)

by Marc Mangel

• From now until the end of Beresheet God is silent.

• We have three Avot, but Jacob’s sons are called ‘tribes’.  And of them only Joseph is called a Tzadik.

• Here’s the drash that I cannot give: “Why did God not talk to Joseph?”.  I cannot give it because there are no commentaries on this question.

• Today I want to discuss Ch 37, v 9-11 (read out loud).

• A number of points. First,  Sforno and Pluskin conclude that we should avoid boasting (by asking ourselves how will listeners react)

• Second, it is not clear why Jacob berates Joseph; perhaps because of the death of his mother.  Or possibly that Joseph is referring to Bilah as his mother.

• Third, the Talmud notes that only part of a dream comes true.

• The Talmud also tells us that a morning dream is more likely to be true.

• So: Dream on my friends