Re-eh (5760)

Drash Cards for Re-eh (5760)

by Marc Mangel

• What kind of world does Moses see?

• First, he tells the Israelites (Ch 12, v 20) “Because you will crave meat”. The resolution to the question of humans in nature/humans above nature is that there is no resolution.

• But what kind of meat:  that of peaceful animals.

• Indeed the kosher laws favor gentleness. We should see the kosher laws as a way to be in harmony with the environment rather than a divisive fetish.  Indeed, we are what we eat.

• Second (Ch 15, v11) he tells them that “the needy will not cease” and we must take care of them. The Eugene Register-Guard wrote about this week’s welfare bill ” Another certainty is that States will find that some welfare recipients are unable to become self-supporting, no matter how much support they are given. Some of these people are not just poor- – they are disabled, addicted or abused and can’t escape dependence until they receive help with their problems.  The welfare reform legislation does not address these needs. Some are simply ill-equipped to function in modern society and will always need help”.

• This (Ch 16, v16) — being seen by God not empty handed.  The spiritual interpretation is that each person has gifts (v 17) and just showing up is not enough (it is emptiness).  We should try to get the most from our talents when coming before God and the community