Miketz (5772)

Drash Cards for Miketz (5772)

by Marc Mangel


• More about dreams: binding sheaves (37:5) and “the sun and moon and stars bowing down to me” (37:9)

• Pharaoh dreams of seven cows and seven ears of grain (41:1). How do we compare and contrast these?

• In Joseph’s first dream there is work happening and binding of sheaves into a stalk is creating greater value, as we should do.
• His second dream shows that even when Joseph was immersed in the earthly, he was aware of the heavenly, as we should be.
• The dreams of Pharaoh involve either something coming from nothing — this is not work in our world.
• The sages say that receiving something without effort is “flawed goodness” or the “bread of shame”
• The Rebbe said that ideas that we get without hard work stem from our unholy side.  Anything that we receive for free will not endure.
• Comparing the second dreams we see that if we only focus on this world, there is a regression.
• What is the message for us?  That we must work hard to achieve our dreams and must always be living between heaven and earth.

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