View from Haifa, 1 (1973)

View from Haifa-I

by Marc Mangel


I follow pin lights as they wanter

through a valley and slowly, casually

float out to sea

buffetted by waves sounding

slurp and brssht on the


taunted and tangled by a wind

that has travelled thousands

alomg light years

just in order to arrive

at this instant.


The earth falls quickly below

then too begins its slow roll out to the

mouth of the sea

from whose bowls the earth once sprang

and into whose

she will return


The animals too sing

songs since there are no

competitors to drown and smoth

and far where

grass merges with

shells and tiny crabs build their homes

move cars

silent cars

known only by their lights

slowly then quickly

beams of cold luminosity


july 1973

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