Re’eh (5772)

Drash Cards for Re’eh (5772)

by Marc Mangel

• I am going to talk about the poor today.

•In Ch 15, v 4-5 we are told that there will be no destitute, but then read in v7 “If there is a destitute person…”, and in v 11 “The destitute will not cease to exist”.  How do we understand this?

• In v 4-5: there will be no destitute if we listen — T’shama is used since each one of us must listen.

• Regarding v 7, Rashi says that “the poor of your city take precedence over the poor of another city” and in v8 Rashi says that “you must open your hand many times”

• In v 11, Rashi notes that the word for people is plural — there will be more than one destitute person.

• Multiple conclusions:  1) It is incumbent on all of us to make heaven on earth.  2) There will always be needy people.  3) We must respond by giving tzedaka — and not just once.  4) We must act locally — after Shabbat or tomorrow find a local organization to which you can done!

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