Shoftim (5772)

Drash Cards for Shoftim (5772)

by Marc Mangel

• Teshuvah cannot be instantaneous — Elul is our warm up for Tishrei

• Teshuvah has 2 phases: first remorse, then commitment to change

• The Rebbe said “To be contrite about the past without changing one’s behavior is a hollow gesture”

 • But how? the answer is given this week in Ch 18, v 13: “You shall be whole heartedly with HaShem”
• Reb Bachya said that we must seek harmony between inner and outward actions in regard to doing the mitzvot  – because otherwise people will not trust a person whose conduct is contradictory with his or her words (Isaiah 1:13)
• The Ishbitzer says that we should serve God and have no vanity because of what we do.
• I give Rashi the last word:  Turst in God and accept whatever comes to you with wholeheartedness

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