I have written poetry for many years (more when I was younger, but I hope to return to regular poetry writing now that I am semi-retired). With some apprehension, I am putting the poems up here, sometimes with a context.  I have not edited them except for spelling.

Some motivations:  In her book Fear of Fifty, Erica Jong makes a strong case for poetry being an essential part of any successful society. In spring 2013, I visited the University of Florida and discussed the importance of poetry with my colleague Colette St. Mary.  One of my former professors from undergraduate school, Don Ginsberg, published a wonderful book of poems in his retirement.

It took me from the start of this site in November 2013 until April 2015 to put most of the poems that I wrote as a young man here.  After that, I added some news ones but more slowly.  This is a bit of an experiment, but of course, there is always William McGonagall as competition.  So here goes.


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