Ve-etchanan (5773)

Drash Cards for Ve-etchanan (5773)

by Marc Mangel

• We have 7 weeks until Rosh HaShanah

• We had 7 weeks from Pesach to Shavuot — giving us a check-in on escaping our slaveries.  We identified them on Shabat HaGadol, used chol HaMoed to commit to become free recognizing that change takes time

• What if we are not there yet?  Today’s HaTorah answers us:  “Comfort, take comfort” — and keep working

• Where do we take comfort? In the Torah — the guide book, the light on how to make changes

• In the mitzvot — acts that change the physical (e.g. candles, tefillin, parchment) into holy items

• In Teshuvah — “Return” which sanctifies the whole past life — escape from our slavery

• It is 7 weeks until Rosh HaShannah — we still have time to move forward and change.  In that we can take comfort.

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