Naso (5764)

Drash Cards for Naso (5764)

by Marc Mangel

• This is the longest parsha in the Torah. It has instructions for the Levites, victim restitution, trial of accused adultress, Nazirite vow of self denial, annointing of the tabernacle and the priestly blessing

• Today I want to talk about the vows.

• One who takes vows has more severe restrictions than those of a priest, who can drink out of the temple (VaYirka 10:9) and can always have unfermented grape

• The Nazerite is a transcendent, newer, higher level of holiness

• What does the Torah say about this idea?
•It recognizes that people will want to do this, but that it is not a good idea:  at the end of the vow period, one making Chatat, Olah, and Asham offerings (Ch 6, v 11-12)
•What did the Nazir do wrong that requires these offerings?  He cut himself off from the community .
• The Chazal generally are negative about the Nazir because of separation from the community and his intention is invisible
• The attitude towards the Nazir reminds us that we need to have balance in our lives of duality between this world and the other world

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