Is God a She or a He?

Is God a She or a He?

by Marc Mangel


What a silly question, the one just asked

As if it makes more sense

to see God with flowing skirt

instead of flowing beard


To change our prayers

from Him and His to

Her and Hers

an empty, kitchiness

that moults 100 generations


For these words are simply vessels

to help our spirits

touch with God’s

and if the vessel is empty

it doesn’t matter what the shape or color

since there’s still no wine


“If I came to pray”

he said

“Then She instead of He

wouldn’t shock me

at all”


So instead of silly arguments about

whether She or He shelters us

Let us worry about how

to reach God and touch

God with our spirits

for that is the point of



12 November 1983

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