To The Moon

To The Moon

by Marc Mangel for Bethann and Jennifer


If I could take you two to the moon!

We’d fly there is a silver spaceship

called Streak or Fastest Ever

and circle round and round

before landking without even the

slightest bump.


We’d jump in a weightless world

flying high into the air

and laughing into our helmets as we

did it with so little



Perhaps if I could take you two to the moon


then perhaps you’d never lose the

zest that you’ve got

right now


Perhaps if I could take you two to the moon

like female Peter Pans you’d grow older

but would not age

instead of surpassing your old dad



I can’t take you to the moon.

I can’t even take you to Mars

So all I can do is write a small poem

for you and hope that as you age

you’ll find message in the words and

heed it


10 February 1982

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