When I Can’t Hug You (1989)

When I Can’t Hug You

I wanna clall you

just to

let you know that

I can get along fine

by myself


But you wont believe that

Cause a

Bene Gessert

Can see through lies

the way the gull

can shriek

through the fog

down here were Mercedes are Chevys


you can’t buy a hammer

but no prob

if you want a Perisan rug


So here it is and I won’t call


No big deal

But your smile dances across

the integral I’m facing down

Making it pretty damn hard

to follow a calculation through


Are you sitting on the deck with the


Sipping tea

and thinking

Thinking maybe of me?

Thinking maybe to call me,

just to let me know that

You can get along fine

By Yourself?

12 June 1989


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