For BB as She Becomes an Adult (1989)

For BB as She Becomes an Adult

by  Marc Mangel

At 6am on a Thursday morning

in La Jolla

in California

in USA

in North America

in Western Hemisphere

in Sol

in Galaxy

in Universe


I turn opn a TV

by remote control of course

and see Lynda Carter

aka Wonder Woman

heave crates in a warehouse

and jump buildings

and spin

to do her

marvelous acts.


Do you remember when in the

eternity 8 or 9 years ago

you too were Wonder Woman

Spinnning here and there as you


Sitting on a toilet

playng all the parts

of Steve, Dianna and Villan


At that age I could get you

to promise never to grow up

Not any longer

Pierced ears

Weekend back pack trips

Reading Torah

Mother’s helper

Time has somehow snatched my

little girl

and a produced a young woman


for 17 June 1989

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