Rosco (1973)

Rosco (1973)

by Marc Mangel

“Take it from me, man, me Rosco” and Rosco was to

be taken from because he was

and he is cool

“that the Ultimately high cant

be regulation and


Rosco’s never were cause i saw him regular

and he knew the spirit, man

he knew the spirit.  but no jesus shit


“For sure, the ultimately is unregular and is fought

for and is for sure

attainable” and it was known

that Rosco hated cool shit


but did it,  man, to reach

people deafened by

their own cool shit talk

“and definite too baby, the ultimately is not

all them chittlins and

peas but man its orgasmic

to unmask its ten faces

of himself

and then the wirth of a tough

fight with infinity of nothingness

and then man to win

and dissipate yourself

through infinity nothingness

its orgasmic man

not floating”


January 1973

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