Where is That God (1973)

Where is That God

by Marc Mangel


Where is that God?


There is a God

who thoroughly orders it all

and within this

makes miracles so

strong and resounding that

they knock us over and

drown us in the tidal wave

of belief

there is a God

who stands by his people

and guides the people

and those who love

God and have faith

in God

where is that God of love and justice?

there is a God

who allows the world to

fall into pieces

disintegrated by anxiety

torn and shattered

stained with blood

and smashed by cannon

and flesh

who sleeps unroused by

the cries of tormented people

wearing their throats to ash

for no avail

there is a God

who deserts the people

and lets them face trial

and death without

a sign

who turns his back when needed the most

and in a fury of

disappointment lets the

people down.

When will that God go?

When will the God of justice and mercy

come to replace the God of callousness?


October 1973

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