A Border Kibbutz at Night (September 1973)

A Border Kibbutz at Night

by Marc Mangel


You’ve just been seen

as lights

blinking flickering at night

so far that day makes invisibility

yet you are there

on a border?


Protecting or just beaming




perhaps you have a girl

with soft black eyes

and round brown breasts

whom i could love


or is it just the land

which truly was ours before

we were hers

a black soil and streaming

wind forcing still clear water

a land which i could

really love



i see you have a neighbor

but he also just vibrates light

maybe far away

do you long for company

search for joy

or for sorrow


you lights so far away

is isolation so



you lights so far away

is purpose

so rewarding


tell us

we long to know


September 1973 [I was at a meeting on warm lakes, held at the Kinneret, when I wrote this.  Less than a month later the Yom Kippur War started]

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