Korach (5771)

Drash Cards for Korach (5771)

by Marc Mangel

• It seems hard to fine something other than Korach in this parsha, but there is.

• We have to go back to Beresheis. Ch 1, v 8: end of the 2nd day; v 12, 13: end of the 3rd day. God saw that it was good

• Also with the creation of light — good (v 4), moon and sun — good (v 18) but the 6th day (v 31) — very good

• We see the Divine scheme for a division between things of heaven (good) and earth (very good) . It is our job to reunite heaven and earth.

• Korach is about many things including the definition of the priest and everyone else and Moses’s growth as a leader

• But it is the  “mundane” that is very good and so we have a central message — to yearn for the spiritual even while immersed in the mundane.

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